Yeomen Audition Pack

Please note: If you are interested in a particular role(s), please become familiar with the dialogue labelled for the character(s) you want to be considered for. Memorisation is not necessary, though you should be able to read the lines the way the character would say them; you may hold the dialogue sheets, or the score with dialogue, but you don’t want to bury your face in the page as you audition!

The songs on the list for each character are suggestions for audition pieces, however you may sing another character’s song as long as it is in your vocal range.

Suggested Songs for Auditions

Phoebe Meryll: Mezzo – Act 1 #1 (Solo) When Maiden Loves

Wilfred Shadbolt: Bass-baritone – Act 2 #3 (Duet) Hereupon we’re both agreed.

Sgt. Meryll: Bass. – Act 1 #4 (Trio) Alas! I waver to and fro

Colonel Fairfax: Tenor – Act 1 #5 (Solo) Is life a boon

Dame Carruthers: Alto – Act 1 #3 (Solo with Chorus) When our gallant Norman foes

Leonard Meryll: Tenor – Act 1 #4 (Trio) Alas! I waver to and fro

Sir Richard Cholmondeley (Cholmeley): Baritone – Act 1 #8 (Trio) How say you, maiden, will you wed

Elsie Maynard: Soprano – Act 1 #10 (Solo) “Tis done! I am a bride

Jack Point: Baritone – Act 1 #9 (Solo) I’ve jibe and joke OR Act 2 #2 (Solo) Oh! A private buffoon

Kate: Soprano – Act 2 #5 (Quartet) Strange adventure

2nd Yeoman: Baritone – Act 1 #2 This the Autumn